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Responsive design have been more noisy these days among web developer and designers , because Responsive web plan (RWD) is a way to deal with  ideal review experience for web presentation and route with at least re sizing, panning, and looking over an extensive variety of gadgets – from desktop PC screens to cell telephone.

However if we consider the SharePoint 2013 , Device channel is specifically introduced to manage the different design over different devices – Now what to choose and why ? Please go through on following points of differences  and make your decision 🙂

Device Channel ( DC ) Responsive Web Design ( RWD )
Device channels are used when we want to make our SharePoint site viewable on different devices. Responsive Web Design makes the design/presentation of the page fluid enough to be adjusted based upon the device screen.
Different design on different devices. Different presentation on different devices.
Device channels gives flexibility to target specific content of a site on different devices. Responsive design adjusts the presentation as per the size of the device screen.
Component will be loaded only for the specific device only. Responsive design you can hide component by CSS but still those components will be there on the screen and hence they will be loaded on the page.
specific master page and CSS for different devices Same master page and CSS for all the devices.
This will work in all the browsers. Old browsers might won’t render the content correctly.
Minimal Content Rendering is possible for low-bandwidth devices. Content can’t be minimized for very low bandwidth devices.
Not friendly with Search Indexing as Same URL renders different HTML. It’s a search engine and indexing friendly.
It works only for publishing site. This design supports for all the site templets.

For More information , please click here that describes right approach for user experience across devices by Responsive Web Design and SharePoint 2013 device channels.

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