Difference between TFS and Visual Studio Online

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Here, this is my next notes about TFS????   Ahhhhh… Noo — It’s VSO !!!! Mmmmm confusing… Yes and No!!! Lets get further into both terms.

As we know TFS is Microsoft’s Applicatio?n Life Cycle Management Product and its concentrated to manage the work items, source code, version control, defining build, creating reports and much more. Also, TFS supports agile development practices, multiple IDEs and platforms and gives the tools  to effectively manage software development projects throughout the IT lifecycle.

Currently, TFS is having two forms:


  1.            On Premises – TFS on server
  2.            On Line  – TFS on Cloud  known as Visual Studio Online

TFS is product while Visual studio online is cloud service provided by Microsoft, so VSO doesn’t have versions like TFS having 2010/2012/2013 but its services being updated.

To access VSO, It needs Microsoft account while TFS can be accessed via windows account.

TFS and VSO both are having same features like work items, version control,build,agile management, test case management,Git.Also they both get set up with easy installation and able to connect from anywhere to collaborating in team.Howevere there are few features having difference as mentioned in below comparison matrix :

Bottom line – Visual Studio Online is a cloud-based platform of tools and services that helps you plan, deploy and manage your application. It evolved from TFS and Team Foundation Service, bringing the Microsoft ALM platform to the cloud and strengthening it with new services like Application Insights and an online IDE.

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  1. This blog of comparison matrix between Visual Studio Online & TFS On-Premises is quite informative & was looking for such information for quite long time.

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