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As we all are observing that today’s world business and organizations are drastically moving over mobile platforms to increase business value by providing services and information. Moreover, All Business/Pro/IT users are intended to work from any places on whatever time to perform administrative/management tasks and in that scenario Mobile always comes first. However accessing O365 on web browser in mobile can be quite disappointing and prolonged. And there, recently Microsoft has announced upgraded version of Office 365 Admin App.In this article, I am going to explain about Office 365 Admin App and how smooth administrators can operate it for most common admin tasks.

Office 365 Admin App is available for Windows, Google and Apple Phones that require administrator credentials to access the functionality of the app. Since it initially launched, thousands of Office 365 administrators have downloaded this mobile application. If you have app already in your mobile then it will upgrade automatically.

This app enables administrators to perform following tasks:

• Creating Users.
• Updating User properties.
• Filtering users.
• Resetting passwords.
• Assigning license.
• Deleting users.
• Observing service health status.
• Being aligned with the message centre.
• Securing app even browser has saved password.

In the following video, I am demonstrating all the above tasks. Please click on below screen to have a look further.

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