Scrum Managment in VSO Part III – Reporting

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Hope you would have enjoyed previous parts of Scrum Management in VSO and here I will briefly introduce the reporting capabilities in team web access which is more important to visualize the work towards project/team/team member via different types of reports.

Creating Work Item Queries and Charts

As soon as team collaborates in VSO by creating task and updating them, visualization of team progress can be present on Team Project home page via different charts by creating shared work item queries as represented in following screen:

For more information about creating chart in VSO, please have look in following link:

Standard Inbuilt Reports

Team web access having some useful built-in reports which can’t be customized as per the need. However these reports are not depended on SQL Reporting service and hence available on Visual Studio Online too. Following explains available standard reports in team web access:

Velocity Report:

Velocity Report is used to forecast the backlog accomplishment per sprint. This report shows number of finished and scheduled backlog items across the sprints/iterations. This report can be found on back log page in top right side and helps to forecasting and release planning of the project.

For more information on Velocity report, please have look on following link:

Cumulative Flow Report:

Cumulative flow diagram shows up to 30 weeks of data that displays the number of work items and their states as per the date range as indicated in following screen:

Sprint Burn down Report:

At last, Sprint Burn down report that shows total hours that team has planned for the sprint. As team work gets completed, the value for remaining work on Y-Axis will get change and trend line will forecast about work completion as per the current work rate.

As explained in above all the parts of this series about scrum methodology and its implementation using VSO will bring the cloud based Application Life cycle Management solution for Applications. Also, Scrum Implementation in VSO will help to plan the project efficiently and track the team progress using queries, charts and reports which is beneficial for quality outcome of the application.

Hope you have gathered knowledge to manage your project in VSO via these articles.

Happy Scrumming ! 🙂

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  1. Is there any way we can display VSO SCRUM reports and charts into sharepoint online site. I tried REST APIs but its not working. Does MS provides any APIs for integration?

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