SharePoint 2013 Database Skeleton

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I am sure you are doing great, today I am going to discuss about SharePoint 2013 Databases.

We all know that SharePoint’s built up on SQL Databases. It’s a kind of human’s skeleton without that SharePoint is impossible case to stand as platform :).Following skeleton depicts different types of databases which are made for SharePoint 2013.( I would say SharePoint 2013 platform is muscular physic :))

Let’s understand major part of SharePoint’s Skeleton!

Config DB (Brain): This database contains details about SharePoint 2013 farm settings such as SharePoint databases, IIS Web sites, Web Applications, Trusted Solutions, Web parts packages, site templates and web applications.

Central Admin Content DB (Head): This content database is also a configuration database as it stores all configuration details for central admin site collections.

Content DB (Stomach): Content databases stores all the content of a site collection such as documents, list data, Web Part properties, audit logs, and sandboxed solutions, user names and rights. This content of site collection get store only in one content database while content database can be associated with more than one site collection.

Service Application DB (Hands and Legs): SharePoint 2013’s service databases are again important part as it contains data for service application that is shared across sites throughout a farm, and can be accessed by users through a hosting web application. There are service application DBs for services like App Management, DC, Search, Usage, User Profiles, Automation, Managed Metadata, SharePoint Translation, PerformancePoint etc.

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