Sway – How this MS goody is treating your ideas?

Hello SharePointer,

We all know now that Microsoft’s all products and tools have been reached to a great level and people are enjoying it.I have heard about Sway one month back and just like any other Online service by Microsoft,Sway is again a great tool for your real presentation.It really helps to live your idea in real life.

I have written a post on Sharegate that presents the history of Sway and its features.

I am embedding my Sway you can see in following illustration for a quick view:

Sway is an absolutely fantastic app to create your story or presentation in minutes and have it work across any devices. And I consider this as my presentation hub even now.They have been improving and expanding their set of capabilities to provide a more intuitive experience.

Do you really have less time and you require to give presentation in next few hours ? Then SWAY is for you !

Happy SharePointing with SWAY 🙂
Stay Gifted, Stay Young

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